Anoushka Divekar

Clarinetist and Educator



Anoushka Divekar is an avid clarinetist and teacher with the goal of making music accessible to all people. She is an accomplished performer and teacher, and is a great believer in the power of music making.

clarinet on notes


For Students of All Ages

Anoushka Divekar is a studio lesson teacher with over 9 years of experience at her young age. She is passionate about student-centered education, and is always interested in working with students to be the best they can be at whatever level they are interested in pursuing. Click on the buttons below to see more detailed information. 

Stage in the Spot Lights

Live Performances

Anoushka Divekar loves collaborating with other musicians as well as performing solo. Anoushka's performance experience includes three solo recitals, countless chamber performances and large group performances, and enjoys gig performances as well.