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disassembled clarinet


Teaching Background

Anoushka Divekar has been teaching lessons in clarinet and piano since the age of 14.   Anoushka holds Bachelor's of Music Education degree from the University of Colorado Boulder, and has maintained a private studio for over 10 years of clarinetists, pianists, and young beginners. Anoushka has taught students as young as 18 months old, grade school students collegiate music majors, and adult explorers. Anoushka also coaches chamber music. She is proficient in teaching online lessons.

Teaching Philosophy

Anoushka's lessons are individual-oriented. Her teaching philosophy is that all people deserve music, and her pedagogy stems from this. Anoushka will teach any student, from those passionate about becoming professionals to those only interested in learning the basics. Music is an individual experience. Anoushka hopes to cultivate a student's individual experience in hopes that music will remain in their lives forever.

Lesson Information

Sheet Music

Free Trial Lesson

Have a FREE first lesson with me, to make sure we are a good musical match! Tell me about your musical hopes and dreams, and what you want to gain from your experience. How often do you want to practice? Are you looking to become a pro? Let's chat about it, and see what I can do to make your musical experience memorable.


Lesson Contract & Payment INFO

Let me know what I should expect out of you, and I will let you know what to expect out of me. We will come to terms of our contract together! Scholarship pricing is always considered. Finances should not be the reason that you do not learn music.What is most important is your desire to learn!

Watch Anoushka Teach!

Watch Anoushka talk about making music come to life, including dynamics, and storytelling through music!

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