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 from Students and their Adults


"Anoushka knows how to relate to Rachel. She aspire her to play her instrument with heart and soul. She inspires her to be more than she thinks she’s capable of. I love listening to her teach my teenage not just about music but with school and life. Thank you, Anoushka for being her inspiration and helping her play the way she play her clarinet. We surely miss you…" 

-Myra Farley, mom of Rachel

Clarinet 3

"I've gotten the pleasure of working with and learning from Anoushka in multiple different settings including ensemble, seminar, discussion, as well as private. What I loved about working with Anoushka privately is that she set up the atmosphere for a conducive learning environment. She answered all my questions and concerns and made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I have always observed Anoushka promoting the health and benefit of her students first and helping them be the best musicians they can be!"

Disassembled Clarinet

"Anoushka is very good at meeting her students’ needs, both on and off the clarinet. She has seen me at my lowest points on my instrument, and she has been the first to celebrate me at my highest points. Anoushka is not only a great musician, but more importantly, she’s a great support system for her students."


"I loved Anoushka as my teacher for two reasons. One, when I would get stuck on a section she would say “let’s move on to something else” so that I wouldn’t get frustrated. Other teachers make you focus on where you’re struggling and that gets really hard to stay positive and enjoy learning.  The other reason is that she was always positive and made learning fun. She would have me pick a song I already like to listen to as my next piece to learn."
- Lily, age 12


"I have always felt welcomed and motivated when attending a lesson. Anoushka is a wonderful role model and educator and not only focuses on your musical growth but personal growth as well. I have learned new ways to practice that work best for me and how to express myself with my own playing in ways that has motivated me to continue playing after graduation. It has been an absolute pleasure learning not only clarinet but various life lessons from this brilliant instructor in these past two years!"


"My son discovered clarinet during remote learning in 5th grade, and fell in love with it. Shortly after, he began working with Anoushka, mostly through remote lessons. He has thoroughly enjoyed working with Anoushka! I'm amazed by my son's improvement, at his motivation to practice, and at his enthusiasm to join a remote weekly lesson with Anoushka in the morning before school. This is a credit to Anoushka's skill as a musician and teacher!"

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